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Larry BurrowsLarry has been involved in photography since his youth on the South Side of Chicago. Beginning in high school, Larry gained valuable experience working with well-known Chicago wedding photographers as well as photographing high school and, later, college sports and special events. These experiences have helped him develop the sense of timing that allows him to seem to see everything and be everywhere, and still capture the bouquet in midair as the bride tosses it to one of her friends. He has continued to improve his knowledge and style by constantly attending seminars, and working with other professional photographers. In fact, in 2009, Larry was elected president of the Chicagoland Professional Photographers Association.

Larry is comfortable in many formats and styles, including 35mm, medium format, and of course digital, which is his preferred format. Larry has honed his skills in both color and black-and-white photography, and is equally at home in either one. He can also use his skills in styles such as Photojournalism, Formal/Posed, and everything in between. To see some examples of Larry’s work, click here.

I get joy from the joy of others, and being allowed to photograph life events is the icing on the cake.
- Larry Burrows

Larry has developed a unique attitude about weddings and other events: They are about the celebrants, not the photographer, and are too much work to not have fun. So while he works hard, what you will see is someone who obviously likes what he does, communicates it to his clients, and has a good time doing it. And he’s good at what he does.

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Your photos of our parents' 95th birthday celebrations were the best. Thanks for skillfully handling four generations to create a wonderful rembrances.
- VT & MT