Photography Gallery

If someone were to ask me why I do what I do, I would say that I love to be a part of celebrations. I get joy from the joy of others, and being allowed to photograph life events is the icing on the cake. I look for the expressions that radiate joy, for the little actions as well as the big ones that put the family's stamp on the celebration. I enjoy being involved with an event for the entire day, recording the many facets of the day that the busy celebrants don't always get to see. I have attended many traditional as well as non-traditional events, such as having dogs as ring bearers as well as various ethnic events. Because I do not try to control the event, but rather observe and record it, I arrive as the photographer, and leave as a friend.

Thank you so much for all of your help with our wedding! We had so much fun working with you, and hope you enjoyed it as well [I certainly did]!  You really made the whole wedding process relaxing and enjoyable...Thanks again!
- Tyler and Sara